Organic Cleaning

Organics are the future, especially for a healthier way of life. We're committed proponents in that organic household products when used properly can deliver every bit of cleanliness that we're used to when using their chemically base counterparts. After all, products like vinegar, soda, borax, lemon have been delivering results for thousands of years without the adverse side-effects with regard to health that can be found in the compounds that make up chemical cleaning products such as phosphates & bleaches.

We employ a combination of commercially available organic products as well as a few of our own in-house products that we've been developing over the years which have no problme in delivering every bit as much cleaning power as their more commercially known counterparts.

Many of our organic cleaners are based on every day household ingredients such as: baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, cream of tartar, ethanol, plant material, extracts & derivatives, vegetable emulsifiers, waxes, powders and gels. We use essential oils, and only all natural preservatives, almost all essential oils are antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal. Essential oils are not greasy and will evaporate when left in the open air, which makes cleaning much safer.

Obviously our organic products are all non-toxic, non-irritating or dangerous, they are completely free from hazardous ingredients in the form of solvents and petroleum based chemicals, which can release volatile compounds into your indoor environment.

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